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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tyme Update

Somethings have changed on Tyme's status. Back in 2009 I had Tyme tested for CNM. The leading lab for this testing is located in France. Tyme was tested and was certified clear. How ever we had bred Tyme to a female that was tested as a carrier. One puppy out of the litter came up affected.I was never informed that there was a problem with any of Tyme's puppies. The owner of the female liked the litter so much and said that they were the best puppies he had ever seen that he bred her back to Tyme. One puppy out of the second litter came up affected. We retested the female and the puppy and Tyme. The results came back that the female was a carrier and the puppy was affected and that Tyme is a carrier. The lab in France has offered to test all of Tyme's puppies for free.
There is nothing wrong with any of the puppies out there from Tyme. If your puppy looks healthy than it is. If your puppy had CNM you would know it. They wouldn't have any muscle to them and they would look and act weak. There is a chance your puppy is a carrier and a better chance your puppy is clear. If your puppy is a carrier you would never know it unless you have them tested. There is nothing wrong with your puppy even if it is a carrier. Some of the best field trial dogs in the country are carriers. So again if you aren't planning on breeding your puppy there is nothing to worry about. If you are thinking about breeding your Tyme puppy than you might want to have them tested to see if you have a carrier or a clear puppy. If you have a carrier puppy you can still bred them just bred them to a clear dog.
If anyone has any questions get a hold of me and I will answer all of your questions.



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