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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Puppy update

Taking the herd to the vet tomorrow for their 6 week check up and shots and dewormer and all of that good stuff. Apologize for not having more pictures. Coming soon. Puppies start going home this coming week. I have one headed to Tennessee, one headed to Fargo, North Dakota, one headed to Duluth, Minnesota. 4 of them are staying here around the cities and at least 2 if not more are headed to Wisconsin to the Highlands hunt club in eastern Wisconsin. The Highlands has bought several puppies from me in the past. Actually they have a couple full siblings to this same litter all ready. The house breaking has been amazing, this nice weather sure has helped. I leave the door open for them when I have them out of their whelping box and they go outside and do their thing and come back in when they are done. They all have healthy appetites and are doing well with the loud noise training. All of them enjoy carrying things around. Some like to sleep a little more than others. Most of them like to get out and explore.

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