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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tyme and Bell puppy at 8 weeks old.

Hi Nic,
Here are a few pix's of Addy aka red collar. She has been doing real good,
sleeps through the night and actually only kept us up one night since she's
been home. Her ride back to Canada (9hrs.) was no problem at all. She is
very good in the vehicle and boat as well. Weighed her on our scales and
although they may not be accurate she weighed 12 lbs. which was very
surprising however if I remember correctly the last weight on your blog was
at 6 weeks and she was 7 lbs then. She loves to fetch and is doing real good
with retrieving. We have a pheasant wing attached to a dummy. Her first swim
was this past wknd. We anchored our boat at a beach and put her on the beach
while we got our things out of the boat and she swam out to the boat on her
own. She wasn't gonna sit on the beach and wait for us. LOL. We are really
enjoying her and we're so glad we were fortunate enough to be given your
name when we were debating on getting a puppy so soon after Kassy passed. We
are not regretting our decision at all. She has really filled that void for
us and we just love more every day. Thanks again Nic (and Tyme & Belle).
We'll keep ya posted on her further progress.

Guntram and Sandy

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