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Thursday, March 15, 2012

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CNM shows up in puppies from 2 to 5 months of age. If your puppy is older than that and has never shown any signs than they are not affected. If the mother of the litter was clear, then your puppy is either clear or a carrier but not affected. If the mother was a carrier and the puppy doesn't show any signs of CNM than your puppy is either clear or a carrier and is in no way affected. A dog that is a carrier lives the same life as a clear dog. There is no difference in the two unless you breed that dog to another carrier.
I hope this helps people understand what it is and how it works. I had Tyme tested and did everything a responsible breeder does. If you are thinking about breeding a puppy out of Tyme that is good. Have them tested. If you are buying a puppy from me or any other litter at this time sired by Tyme, let us know if you are wanting a breeding dog. I am going to test every puppy I have out of my litter from Tyme and Belle.

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