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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Puppy update Tyme X Chey

Hey Nic,

It's good to hear from you. Yes, life does get in the way (and work).

I am very pleased with Dash. Not only is he an excellent hunting dog and crazy about retrieving, he is a great family dog. My kids simply love him. He is a very happy dog and gets along with everyone. I will look to breed him when we get to that point. Not necessarily to make a bunch of money...just that happy with him. I might freeze some semen just in case something happens. I hope to run more hunt tests this summer. I'm going to put an honest effort this year. I'd like to get his JH and possibly some legs on his SH. I think my hunting buddy want's to run a bunch as well.

We took him to South Dakota and southern Minnesota and he was excellent on pheasants. I didn't get out duck hunt because life got in the way. However, I have a son that is very interested in hunting is getting to that age. So that will push me even more.

I'll pull together some pics and send them your way.

That's great to hear about Tyme. I'm sure that was a lot of hard work. How was the hunting this year?

There's a guy at work that just picked up a Tyme pup. He was telling me about how happy he was as well. He sent him to Terry H. for some basic training.


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