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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tyme X Belle

Hi Nic,

Tilly is doing great. This is her first full year in the field as she was in training for part of last season. Her nose is excellent, has great drive and enthusiasm and marks birds well. She just made a 100 yard retrieve on a winged pheasant a couple weeks ago that still had its legs when it landed and she brought it to hand. She even naturally points most of the time or her tail goes off like a helicopter so there is always good warning when she is on or near a bird. A smart bird still gives her the slip if it back tracks but she is starting to get better with the tracking and that will come with age/experience.

She is a great little dog, extremely obedient and sweet with a wonderful personality. My wife has adopted her as her new child as our twins just went off to college so we are now empty nesters. Needless to say she is in good hands and also has our other black lab who is 7 as a playmate. Concerning her size she is a fit 50 lbs of raw enthusiasm. As you recall she was the smallest of the litter and she is still tiny but I like them small.


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